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Saint Petesburg is one of the most unexpected cities I have ever been to, Located on the Neva river, in the Baltic Sea, tha city was the capital of imperial Russia in the Tsar’s time. It is Russia’s second most important city, after Moscow, and it is well-known as its cultural capital.

The picture shows the front facade of The Hermitage, one of the largest art museums in the world. It is a large complex of six historic awesome buildings, but my favourite one is the Winter Palace, a former residence of Russian emperors.

If the outside musseum is impressive, even more astonishing is the inside. Large rooms with luxury decoration, old wooden furniture covered in gold, incredible chandaliers hanging from the ceiling and a stunning collection of paintings on the walls from the most important painters of the world from Rafael to Van Gogh, more than a million of ítems to see.

The Hermitage is one of my best memories from my trip to Saint Petesburg.



That bright morning in the ruins of Tulum was without a doubt, the best moment of my trip through the Riviera Maya in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The site of this ancient Maya city; the blend of the turquoise blue of the Caribbean Sea with the green colour of the forest is so fascinating that the Mexican authorities have turned the place into an icon of the national tourism for foreign and local visitors.

During the hours I spent there, I was thinking all the time what would be the feelings of its inhabitants belonging to this Garden of Eden; five centuries ago the difficulties to survive maybe did not let them realize in which paradise they were living.

There are a lot of Mayan temples of this antique civilization, most of them have to be unearthed in a future, but anyone combines so harmoniously the marvellous natural landscape with the signs of this ancestral walled city


It’s really hard to choose only a single favourite pic, maybe because I love traveling and taking photographs or maybe just because every pic makes me remember a moment. This photo was taken on the “Top of the Rock”, the viewpoint at Rockefeller Center during a crazy girls´ trip.

The day before going there we had some doubts about whether we should go up to the top of the Empire State building or the top of Rockefeller Center but we met a man who told us that as he workr at Rockefeller Center he could let us get in without paying the tickets. Although we were not very sure if it was a joke next day we decided to phone the man and meet that mysterious man.

We failed to get in for free, however, we did not have to pay the full entry, which we appreciated, since it started to rain and we had to leave the building and missed the nightfall. This was the last photo I took there and I was the last person who left the roof.


Looking through the window.

It could be just a window in any place, but not, it is a special window, for the city where it is, an of course for the moment the picture was taken in.

This window belongs to a nice city called Bath, in England. Over a bridge called Palladian Putteney Bridge where every day and every year thousands of people are crossing it, looking at the river Avon, whose waters have been witness to during centuries of different cultures which have left their footprint.

When I saw it, I felt as if I was in Florence, Italy, which was my surprise when I knew that it was well known as the “Ponte vechio”.

When I look at the picture, it brings me good memories, on the one hand, because I had a good time on holidays with my family and, on the other hand, because I have been a witness too, of Bath´s history.

The atmosphere was perfect, it is imposible to describe what you feel just watching a picture, the best picture is the one which you keep in your heart and in your mind, we always have to keep a piece of it, just for ourselves

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This photo was taken in Austria in the Wilder Kaiser’ ski resort. Thw Wilder Kaiser region comprises the villages of Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Söll.

Last year I went to Austria at Christmas. Austria is a beautiful country with breathtaking spacious and colourful landscapes.

I stayed in Scheffau, a village with a lot of charm. It was surrounded by enormous mountains which gave strength to the village. There all people were hospitable, nice and warm to foreigners or tourists.

At Christmas people usually decorate their houses and shops with Christmassy gold ornaments, the streets were decorated too giving the village a magical look, especially at night when people went for a walk on the illuminated streets. It was delicious to walk slowly and smell the aromas from the pastries and stalls of hot red wine.

Scheffau is the smallest village in the Wilder Kaiser region; from there you gain access to the largest ski resort in Austria even in the world. It has ninety cable cars and modern lifts enable to access to 280 km. of ski run. Tourists can do many activities in each time of the year; most of the activities are planned for families.

In this photo you can see some of the eighteen igloo hotel’s rooms in the snow village which is situated at the top of the Hochbrixen Mountain. You can access there skiing or on foot. It was amazing to find an ice village where there was a church, parks, restaurants, bars and terraces where people were sunbathing. Moreover, every winter ice sculptors come there to work on their curious creations of ice, gathering together many people who go up there to see the show. When I was there I was not cold, I was astonished to see that wonderful snow and ice village.


This is one of my favourite photos, I took it on May 2011 when I was on holiday in Germany and Austria with my husband and three other couples.
It looks to me as if it was a postcard due to the breathtaking landscape we were surrounded by. Either the castle and the lake or the deep forest seem both straight out of a fairy tale. In fact, we were told that the castle located in Disney World in Orlando was inspired by this one.
This picture is important for me not only because it was taken in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to, but also because it was a wonderful holiday with good friends, who I get on really well with. We had been the year before to London with the same travel companions, and the experience was so wonderful that we decided to repeat it.
Despite having thought that this trip wouldn’t be so interesting as the trip to London, in the end it turned out to be much better, especially concerning the magnificent scenery. We rented cars and were able to see the awesome countryside.

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This photo was taken in Stockhom a year ago. I was there for a week. It is said that Stockhom is a astonishing, pinturesque and historic capital IN Europe. I really could check it. It is a lovely city. I have never been in ANother scenic city.

This photo was taken from a viewpoint. We had just finished eating and we were going round the city. I remember that we stayed in this place for 40 minutes. It was winter,it was really cold, maybe 5 degrees below zero, but views were beautiful from that viewpoint.

We were really lucky to be all toghether. Enjoying our trip. It was a wonderful week with my friends.

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Madurodam,The Hague,Holland:Feeling like Gulliver

I have fond memories about this summer.It was the first time that I decided to live the adventure of going to an English language country with my two friends who don't speak this one!.It was a bit hard,but at the same time really funny because I had to adopt the translator role and at the same time to improve as much as possible my English.We were lucky a faboulous weather accompanied us all the time,specially the dreamy day that we visited the lovely park of miniatures. As soon as I entered it, I got butterflies in my stomach!.In this environment of faiy tales you become like Gulliver in his travels,all the world around you is really tiny and charming because every detail has beeen taken care of with the utmost exactness.This amazing place let you go for a walk on all sides from Holland country in just one day!,enjoying the romantic channel houses,they seem like a doll's home,colourful tulip countysides,the famous and smelling cheese market and the much-loved windwill.Moreover, this park is really thrilling because it is interactive, so you're able to take off from Shiphol airport and many more things which you'll discover if you visit The Madurodam Park .

Mariam P. Muedra was eight days on a cultural holiday in Holland

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That’s my favorite pic. It was taken the last May Festivals. Although the quality isn’t very high you can appreciate the beauty of the picture. It’s as if time had been frozen when my sister pressed the shutter.
On the foreground we can see the silhouette of two of my friends. They appear almost in black colour. We can notice them because of what is happening in front. In the background iss the most shocking aspect on the photo. There, where your sight is focused, you can see a giant piece of firework. High and brilliant it makes the snapshot display a perfect balance.
And last but not least, the smoke. Here is the magic, in the mysterious and cryptic bottom background. It makes the entire image so blurry that if I close my eyes I can even smell the scent of the burnt gunpowder.