Here you can write about anything you liked, loved, found interesting or maybe hated. The best way to begin might be to recommend singers, albums or films that you think other students in the class might enjoy.
You can also post links to trailers or favourite scenes from films you like

I´d like to recommend two great websites and smartv apps for people who like watching films and series on demand, without commercials and in original version!
They are:NETFLIX, the most popular and widely-used VOD subscription app in the world.
WUAKI(a good balance between commercial and independent films) and FILMIN(for cinema lovers). Both have a wide selection of great and entertaining films and tv series for just 6 euros a month, and you can watch their contents on your telly, on your laptop and also on your tablet and phone! And last but not least YOUR ARE NOT DAMAGING THE FILM INDUSTRY AND THE PEOPLE WHOSE JOBS DEPEND ON IT.


Songs with their lyrics

All Beatles songs!

Lyrics game



Hi! I like the Beatles a lot. Thank you for this song. Besides I have understood it very well

Hi! I'd like to share this video with all of you.
It is a small tribute to the recently deceased Leonard Cohen. Enjoy it!

Some singers with new albums and great voices you might like: ED SHEERAN ADELE


Do you know this teen singer from New Zealand? Lorde 1 Lorde 2 Lorde 3

She´s been compared to Lana del Rey, who you must know: Lana del Rey 1 Lana del Rey 2

Hi guys! I found out recently about this incredibly young and talented singer songwriter from the UK: Jake Bugg-1 Jake Bugg-2 Jake Bugg-3 Jake Bugg-4
And a few songs by one of my favourite bands who also happen to have good lyrics:
Artic Monkeys-1 Artic Monkeys-2 Artic Monkeys-3
And here you have a selection of songs by another great rock band: Arcade Fire. It´s hard for me to choose just a few songs!
And here you have a singer with a penchant for social and political (and poetical too) lyrics:
Serj Tankian-1, Serj Tankian-2 ,Serj Tankian-3
Lovely singers and they are understandable! I love the Artic Monkeys-2. I can't get the song out of my head.It's really catchy. The video of Jake Bugg-1 is wonderful in black and white and sometimes in two halves, in one half his face on the other the guitar. I have new songs for my mp3. Thanks a bunch!

Jake Bugg-3 has inmediately gained my attention,because in the moment, I listened to the first verse of the tune it took me to a sunny spring afternoon.The chorus and the title"Sth as simple as this"inspire me a lot due to the fact that,in my opinion the most simple things are usually the most beautiful in life!.This little melody verse is like a caress for my earings.Moreover, its country style is really relaxing but at the same time moving,it seems to invite you to reflect in a positive way. I really love the guitar sounds and the rhythmyc beat of this song!!.Thanks for this wonderful present!

I´m glad you like Jake Bugg! He´s not very popular in Spain but he has quite a few really nice songs!

However,there are some sentences and words that I coudn't find on my dictionary and the internet seems doesn't work very well.These things prevent me from understanding the total meaning of the song, they are:hashpipe,"making up the pavement less travelled road" ."Mining for treasure deep in my bones".Could you explain me,please?

Sure, though song lyrics tend to resist clear explanations, they´re like poetry in many ways, and many times the meaning of some lines and verses is vague and ellusive, if not downright cryptic! Well, "making up the pavement of less travelled road" would be like "haciendo el pavimento(pavement means this and also acera) de carreteras menos transitadas (creando su propio camino). "Mining for treasure deep in my bones" would be something like "looking for a treasure (mine is buscar como los mineros) en lo más profundo de sus huesos (that would be a metaphor for his innermost essence, maybe).

Thanks so much for the explanations,I really find really interesting the puns and the methaphors of this song to improve our English and of course the tune is so nice!.

Hello mates!! Surfing the net I’ve found something I hope you like it. It’s a video which travels throughout the History of the Music. The group’s name is “Pentatonix” and as the name says is made up by five singers whose pitches are different, I mean tenor, soprano... Well, I don’t know too much about music but I think it refers to that.
Anyway, I love it because it is something original and it grabbed my attention. You may have seen it because it became very popular about a year ago. If not, click here. My favorite age is the forties, what’s yours?
Hi! Thanks for the video, a capella music (vocal harmonies) is great! My favourite decade is the 60´s, but in this video I´ll go for the 30´s and 40´s!

This is another confessional song which is also very good for your English because of the way it´s sung. This is the classic Frank Sinatra´s original, my favourite:"My Way"
and this is the Robbie Williams´cover, if you prefer a more contemporary singer:"My Way" cover

This is the "xmas" song we didn´t have time to listen to in class. The lyrics are below the video (you have to click on "mostrar más"): The Power of Love
Thank you all for your contributions and may the new year be as good or better than the this one!

Hi buddies!! Christmas is round the corner but are you not extremely exhausted of listening to ordinary Christmas carols in these dates? me too. So, here you have the solution:

Yes, is quite freaky but I’m sure you would love spending your holidays in that warm place. Anyway, I wish you a merry Xmas and a happy New Year!!!
Great video! It would be great to spend the holidays in HAWAI!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19LPgLKrgLEHi! everybody,this is one of my favourite soundtracks,it's my Christmas 's present for you!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkbbP0ozyMs Hi classmates! I propose you listen to this Paul Mccartney´s song

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1nNdTyDZEsI like this fantastic comedian actress and I like black music,I hope you enjoy watching this video!.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-I2HzVSDf0This was the first song that I listened to after the 12 bells of New Year's Eve.I love very much its rhythm for dancing..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW_rjPoketk This song reminds me of Celtic sounds which I like a lot!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcOYm1VbXZ0 I 've always liked this song because the piano's tune and the strong energy from Bonie Tyler's voice.Moreover the adagio rhythm lets us easily follow the lyrics of the song.
Thanks for the links! I like these songs! The Bonnie Tyler song is fantastic, her voice and singing are very intense and so are the lyrics. An absolute classic!

I am glad to hear that!.Thanks to you too for encouraging us to take part in this amusing page.I add one more link.

My first recommendation this school year: Two young contemporary American singer-songwriters you might already know, who are easy to understand and have nice songs: John Mayer

and Bruno Mars Bruno Mars-2
And also a couple of bands I´m listening to a lot these days:The Black KeysT he Black Keys-2and Vampire Weekend, though their song lyrics are hard to understand!

Here you have some songs by the Decemberists, their lyrics are good and the singer´s voice is quite clear. In some songs the lyrics are in the description or comments. I hope you like them!

Down by the water


Oh Valencia!

Yankee Bayonet
The Shankill Butchers

And Fleet Foxes might also be interesting for you because of their clear voices and slow tunes, I hope you enjoy them as much as me!

White Winter Hymnal
Blue Ridge Mountains
Helplesnnes Blues

Another band that maybe is not as well-known not as it should be, and whose songs are also good for practicising your English is Kasabian.
Goodbye kiss
Man of Simple Pleasures

Hi guys, this is a fragment of a song that has accompanied me throughout my life. It´s very especial for me. I hope you enjoy it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28n9YhEy4FM&feature=player_detailpage Thanks for the comment. It´s a great song

_Here you are, I've got it for you__ Somebody that I use to know (Walk off the erth)

When you think that you have seen anything in your life, all of a sudden, something new appears. When that happens you feel alive. That's gorgeous. For this reason I'm going to show you something new, at leas for me. I've found a group of Canadian people whose name is "Walk off the earth", Although they have their own songs, they also modify famous songs that we are bored to listen to. For example, Man Down from Rihanna, or Payphone from Maroon 5. However, the one that surprised me more was Somebody that I used to know from Gotye. (Look for it on the Internet because I don't know how to copy it here) It's really amazing, one guitar 5 people, at the same time!. For me it's worth, I hope for you too. Sorry for my mistakes, see you in a bit!

Thanks for the link and the comment! It´s a lovely video and a great cover of the Gotye song. By the way what do you think of gotye? I love his first album, but not so much the second one!

Hi again! I've never listened anything more from Gotye, only this song. Thus, I'm going to look for them and later I'll be able to answer your question. Bye, bye!

I've just listened to Gotye's Cds. Listening "somebody that..." I believe that I'd find something interesting for me. Well, now I know that I was wrong. Gotye it's not my cup of tea at all. I think that he's a very good musician but rather alternative , he mixes weird sounds and experiments with rhythm. Also, he makes long instrumental introductions and when the lyric begins I've just started to be bored a couple of minutes before. Consequently, I consider that I prefer to listen to a more cheerful and lively kind of music. It's only my point of view...

See you!